Donation Request

1.  Fill out the donation request below to submit your cause, date of event and other details.  All fundraisers will be booked through the online platform.

2. Someone from our team will notify you if you are selected and what week has been secured for your fundraiser. Now you need to spread the word!! We'll provide a flyer for you to use & create a social post, along with best practices to make your event successful. (we recommend two weeks time at least to get the word out about your event)

3. Your friends, family & supporters eat delicious and fresh food.  Just make sure they know the promo code at checkout online. 

4. After your week long fundraiser with 5th & Wine you will receive 5% of our sales from your fundraiser. 


The Staff of 5th and Wine


Your organization must be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which may include schools,  religious organizations including churches, cheer teams, football clubs, parent-teacher organizations, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and other non-profit organizations and charities. Applications from the following shall not be approved: individuals, for-profit organizations, political organizations, lobbying groups, and any organizations that practice or promote discrimination (on the basis of race, age, gender, gender expression and identity, disability, religion, national origin, etc.) We do not guarantee approval of any fundraiser application and all applications shall be subject to our final approval. Fundraising applications should be submitted at least a month prior to the date of your anticipated event. Online and mobile orders must be placed on the 5th & Wine website in order to be eligible for this fundraiser. Orders paid by gift cards are not eligible for this fundraiser. Check and cash donations will not be accepted for the purposes of this fundraiser. A W-9 may be requested upon approval of your event.