Our Story

Since our humble beginnings in the fall of 2010, occupying a mere 700 square feet in a warehouse with 25 wine selections and a few deli items, 5th & Wine has evolved from a hobby business into a thriving venture.

In 2013, we acquired our current location—an old sheet metal shop—and embarked on a remodeling journey. By 2014, we proudly opened half of the space, featuring a significantly expanded and improved array of wines and deli offerings.

Our journey continued with the introduction of lunch service in late 2014, followed by dinner service and a beer/wine license in early 2015. The addition of Chef Sarah in late 2015 marked a significant milestone in our culinary endeavors. We're on a perpetual journey of growth, fun, and innovation—making this business an incredibly enjoyable ride.

We invite you to drop by and experience the excellence that has garnered us rave reviews. Our confident belief is that you'll be thoroughly impressed. Here's to good times and great experiences!


The Staff of 5th and Wine